A Unique Artistic Life Line, Painting in Dreams and Making them a Reality


With a life-long passion in painting and fine arts, Mohamad Azizeh’s career expands only as far as his passion for painting ignited from his early childhood. Mohamad Azizeh’s artistic style is a mixture among dimensions and a unique look into works of art, turning canvases to life-like artistic wonders through a usage of well-blending and aligned coloring techniques that reflect dream-like patterns, as well as a deep look into cultural treasures, bringing about a reminiscence to ancient cultures, historical human events and much more.

A Historical Accolade

By Renowned Painter Wajih Nahle

Life Milestones

1949           Born in Tripoli – Lebanon

1972           D.E.F. In Fine Arts – from Lebanese University.

1973           Founders of the Union of Artists (No.10) in Tripoli.

1973           Holder of the award of the Ministry of Education for face photographing.

1976           Professor in the Faculty of Fine Arts in the Lebanese University Branch 3.

1985           D.E.A. in the Art Plastics in Paris University 8.

1989           D.E.F. in advertising arts in Lebanese University.

1984/94      Members of the Arabic Union for Art Plastic.

Member in the Association of Lebanese Artists.

Head of the Section of painting and photographing in the Lebanese University.

2005           Holder the title of the rank of professor.

Masterpieces & Awards


1993         The Lebanese Presidential palace.

1997         The Brazilian Presidential palace.

1999          The prefect of Toulouse (France).


1973          Award of the Education for Face photographing.

2004          Dar Al-Muna first Symposium in Batroun.

2006          International Festival of Creativity – Art House.

2010          Wajih Nahle

2017          Gold Award in Byanal Kuwait for Arabic Artists

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