Mohamad Azizeh’s works have reached throughout various exhibitions in the Middle east and Europe to showcase his paintings and works, in addition to meeting and exchanging knowledge with fellow artists on ancient civilizations, cultures and ways of life defined in paintings and canvases.


Expositions in Lebanon

1972/79              Unesco palace.

1973                    Al Sali glass expositions.

1974/75              Al Rabita Al Sakafia.

1977/78              Al Rabita Al Sakafia.

1980                     John Kennedy Center.

1981                     Salle Al Montada.

1990                     Cultural Center of Al Hariri.

1993                     Annual Exposition (The fourth).

1990/94               Sursock Palace.

1995                     Parliament.

1996                     Centre Culturel Francais.

1997                     Association of the Lebanese Artists.

Individual Expositions

1981             Gallery Banoula Alisar, Beirut.

1994             Cultural Center of Al Hariri, Saida.

1995             Gallery Bekhazi,  Achrafieh.

1996             Station des Arts Badaro, Beirut.

1997             Exposition G.B, Sweden

1999             Establishment of the Arabic Association for Cultural and Arts Plastics, Beirut.

2000             Gallery Arabesque, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

2003             Gallery Arte Mascini, Amsterdam.

2013             University of Balamand, Al Kurah, Tripoli

Foreign Expositions

1974/94            Exposition of Arts Plastic in Lebanon (people salon in Damascus/Aleppo/Homs/Hama).

1979/95/96      Expositions in Kuwait, Muscat and Amman.

1983                   Exposition of Rio de Janeiro – Brazil.

1983                   Exposition of France in the Centre Cultural – Egypt.

1983                   Exposition common prepared by George Zeeni – London.

1985                   Greece exposition.

1994                   Exposition of the 50 th anniversary of Lebanon independence in Lebanon Embassy

1996                   Exposition in Jeddah – Saudi – Lebanese Embassy – World Arts.

1996                   Exposition in Omar Sultanate (World Arts).

1997                   Exposition in Qatar and Abu Dhabi (Bekhazi)

1997                   El Bahrain exposition – Ministry of Culture and Arabic establishment.

1998                   Rashid Karami Intl. Exposition – Fairs of the Lebanese Artists- Exposition of the Arabic

2017                    Chaykha  Souad sabah Byanal in kuwait

Notable Masterpieces

1993                    The Lebanese Presidential Palace.

1997                    The Brazilian Presidential Palace.

1999                    The Prefect of Toulouse (France).